The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

How to Register

Send an email to the WCCA Bouncer at the following address -- -- that includes your name as well as your webcomic's URL. The WCCA Bouncer will check to ensure that you have a valid online comic, then send you a reply with all the instructions you need on how to submit your nominations or vote from that point on.

Remember: only the WCCA Bouncer can approve you for nomination and voting privileges.

NOTE: Due to an inexplicable curse that appears to have been placed on the WCCA from a technical side of things, we are forced for a second consecutive year to resort to a manual ballot process. As such, the WCCA Bouncer will send you an official 2008 Nomination Ballot via email in response to your registration request, once your eligibility has been confirmed.

If you are already registered, but have not received a ballot by January 10, please notify the WCCA Bouncer at, who will then send one to you as soon as possible.

We apologize for the minor inconvenience, but thankfully know that this small detail won't stop you from telling us who you think are the best and brightest 'toonists of the year!

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